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Reportedly, Lapsus$ is led by a 16-year-old British male. The criminal group recently managed to penetrate Microsoft, Nvidia, Okta and Samsung.

Bloomberg writes that cybersecurity experts acting on behalf of affected organizations traced the attacks to a 16-year-old British male. The teenager reportedly lives at home with his mother near Oxford.

Other Lapsus$ members

To find and connect Lapsus$’s leader, the security experts used digital forensic evidence combined with public information. The researchers were unable to link all attacks to the teenager.

In addition to the British teenager, investigators have a Brazilian male in sight. In total, experts managed pinpointed seven suspected accounts linked to the criminal group.

Lax with digital traces

Lapsus$ is relatively unconcerned with digital traces, which aided the security experts’ hunt. Furthermore, Lapsus$ often publicly announces its attacks. According to the experts, the criminal group is primarily concerned with attention and monetary gain.

Meanwhile, rival hacking groups shared information about the address of the British hacker. The mother of the 16-year-old boy declined any comment, indicating that British police are investigating the case. Lapsus$ shared a message on Telegram stating several members are “on vacation” this week.

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