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Lapsus$ claims to have access to the developer account of a Microsoft employee. Last month, the ransomware group robbed Nvidia of personal data.

On Sunday, Lapsus$ posted a screenshot of a Microsoft developer account on Telegram, Motherboard reported. The screenshot implies that the ransomware group has access to Microsoft trade secrets, including Bing and Cortana source code.

The post has since disappeared. “Deleted for now, will repost later”, the ransomware group wrote shortly after. Microsoft is aware of the claim. The organization confirmed an ongoing investigation.

Two weeks back, Lapsus$ published an advertisement targeting employees of major technology companies, including Microsoft. Lapsus$ was looking for employees willing to leak VPN, Citrix or other network access.

Lapsus$ and Nvidia

Last month, Lapsus$ claimed to hold 1TB of private data from Nvidia. In March, Nvidia confirmed the problem. Lapsus$ stole trade secrets and personal data. Some data has intentionally been leaked.

Earlier this month, Lapsus$ showed off the theft of 190GB of data from Samsung. Last week, Samsung confirmed a data leak. According to the organization, Lapsus$ captured parts of the source code of Galaxy smartphones.