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Qualys launches Multi-Vector EDR 2.0

Qualys launches Multi-Vector EDR 2.0

Qualys developed Multi-Vector EDR 2.0 to surface serious and critical incidents.

Security specialist Qualys recently announced Multi-Vector EDR 2.0. The EDR system delivers complete threat detection through vulnerability assessments and fixing.

The platform includes risk-hunting and various mitigation capabilities that improve alert prioritization and reduce incident response time. Qualys EDR sets up MITRE ATT&CK methodology and procedures, allowing security professionals to assess and respond to attacks quickly.

Furthermore, its Cloud Platform allows organizations to assess misconfiguration, recommended repair, asset criticality and weaknesses. The tech works through a single agent and dashboard.

Integrations of Qualys VMDR allow professionals to swivel from a single piece of malware to detecting all assets vulnerable to CVEs associated. Patching can be performed directly with Qualys Patch Management.

Multi-Vector EDR trial

Multi-Vector EDR methodology evades future assaults by identifying and eliminating malware’s exploitable weaknesses. Besides finding and blocking threats, the solution filters through the noise to discover information that matters to security staff. Qualys provides a free trial that demonstrates its capabilities.