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On the one hand, you have Qualys. On the other, you have Red Hat. Now, put your hands together because that’s what the two companies just did. In the world of Linux, Red Hat is golden while Qualys’ security capabilities are known to be comprehensive.

The two forces are coming together to bring Qualys’s Cloud Agent to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) CoreOS and Red Hat OpenShift to secure both.

Qualys Cloud Agent is a lightweight software agent. It takes up about 2% of CPU resources, peaking at 5%.

The Qualys Cloud Agent

After installation, it assesses the entire configuration of its host in the background and uploads the snapshot to Qualys Cloud Platform. The agent is self-healing and self-updating, meaning you never need to reinstall or reboot it to run the latest version.

OpenShift is Red Hat’s Kubernetes distro while CoreOS is the specialized version of Red Hat’s RHEL for OpenShift.

It is not just the base operating system; it also underpins the OpenShift control plane. In this instance, the CoreOS Cloud Agent for OpenShift works with Qualys’s Container Security Runtime, delivering continuous packages and vulnerabilities for the entire OpenShift stack.

What admins can expect

The Qualys Cloud Agent for CoreOS on OpenShift brings new features for OpenShift admins. They include:

  1. Full visibility into the full inventory of installed software, open ports, and Red Hat Security advisories for RHEL CoreOS nodes, including detailed reporting
  2. Host hygiene management
  3. Easy deployment to the host
  4. Complete coverage of Red Hat OpenShift and Qualys Container security

Qualys’s president and CEO, Sumedh Thakar, said that the collaboration with Red Hat provides security to RHEL CoreOS and complete control over containerized workloads, using the discovery, tracking, and continuous security features.