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Splunk Platform update offers more observability and security

Splunk Platform update offers more observability and security

Splunk has announced innovations for its platform during its .conf conference. The updates aim to improve observability and security.

The updates are primarily aimed at enterprises, the segment on which Splunk focuses in particular. Thanks to the updates, they gain end-to-end visibility and more time for research. This allows them to react faster and scale up to solve data-centric challenges.

Innovations within the entire platform

One of the biggest updates makes the Splunk Platform available, including the Splunk Cloud Platform and Splunk Enterprise 9.0. As a result, companies can more easily access data sources, secure and scale deployments, find new insights, and streamline management to turn data insights into business results.

Data Manager for Splunk Cloud Platform now delivers scalable onboarding for AWS and Microsoft Azure. In the coming months, support for Google Cloud will be added. This will give users an easy-to-manage hybrid cloud control plane, connecting all data to Splunk within minutes.

Splunk Log Observer Connect allows companies to visualize all of their data in one place by combining the Splunk Cloud and Splunk Observability platforms. This allows site reliability engineers and DevOps engineers to access metrics, traces and Splunk Cloud logs in a single interface for faster debugging.

Splunk Incident Intelligence helps DevOps teams investigate incidents and take action. This allows them to ensure system resilience. Users gain access to event correlation, incident response, on-call routing, collaboration features and automation, all within a single workflow.

Anomaly Detection Assistant simplifies investigations and helps security analysts, ITOps and DevOps engineers find potential problems using machine learning. It allows them to quickly build queries to identify anomalies in datasets.

In addition, Splunk Enterprise Security gained risk-based alerting, combined with risk playbooks from Splunk SOAR. This enables organisations to enforce a zero-trust approach and prioritize high-fidelity incidents. The feature also allows organizations to execute containment and response tasks in seconds.

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