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Dutch startup Hadrian receives €10 million for pentesting

Dutch startup Hadrian receives €10 million for pentesting

Amsterdam-based security startup Hadrian received €10 million in seed funding. The company has a fresh take on pentesting. Its SaaS solution scans an infrastructure’s outside for vulnerabilities.

Security professionals are scarce. The industry is struggling with labour shortages. At the same time, the number of threats grows. According to security vendor Qualys, vulnerabilities are published twice as often as five years ago. Teams have more responsibilities and fewer people.

Security vendors react to the trend. Updates and new services increasingly focus on efficiency. Automation can reduce the workload of staff. Reconsidering priorities is effective as well. Not every vulnerability is equally important. Sometimes, prevention costs more than returns.

Hadrian understands the market. The Amsterdam-based startup has a fresh take on pentesting. The process itself is not new. Pentesters look for holes in an infrastructure. Hadrian’s technology automates the process. The platform scans for weak spots accessible from the outside. Unlike traditional pentesters, Hadrian uses a SaaS model, which keeps costs relatively low.

Attack surface management

Pentesters are often only called in after an organisation suspects a vulnerability. The pentesters proceed to search for gaps in a specific area of the infrastructure. Hadrian’s platform doesn’t focus on a single component. It reviews the entire surface. The method is known as attack surface management (ASM).

“understands that CISOs and their teams can’t be expected to attend to every potential threat across the attack surface”, shared Hadrian CEO Rogier Fischer. “Our autonomous technology identifies real threats and prioritizes where action is needed, connecting urgent tasks to existing workflow tools and processes so that the important stuff gets handled first.”

Investors have high expectations, as illustrated by the most recent round. Hadrian received €10.5 million in seed funding. Support is vital to compete. Randori, RiskIQ, Cortex and Cyognito develop emerging attack surface management solutions as well.