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SentinelOne recently introduced XDR Ingest. The data platform provides companies with an alternative to traditional, costly and limited SIEM solutions.

According to SentinelOne, the XDR Ingest data platform allows companies to store, retain, correlate and search all relevant security data from any source. This applies to both real-time security data and historical data.

XDR Ingest is based on SentinelOne DataSet, an analysis engine. The solution extends the security specialist’s Storyline and Storyline Active Response (STAR) technology to a unified cloud-based platform for all types of log data at ‘petabyte scale’.

Singularity XDR platform expansion

All Singularity XDR platform users receive inclusive ingestion allocation for data, telemetry and logs from external sources. Ingestion of native data from SentinelOne is free. This should ultimately lower the costs of log storage and prevent unwanted data duplication.

In addition, the Singularity Marketplace offers apps to simplify data ingestion and classification from different sources. Singularity XDR can easily be visualized via the Skylight user interface, enabling analysts to quickly investigate and respond at scale.

Alternative to traditional SIEM products

According to SentinelOne, this platform provides the missing link to holistic XDR strategies and introduces alternatives to the cost and limitations of traditional SIEM and log management products. XDR Ingest should solve the shortcomings of data scheme requirements and index search limitations.

The Singularity XDR platform helps companies store and process massive amounts of data in real-time, including log management, full data visibility and autonomous threat detection and response.

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