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SentinelOne launched S-Ventures, an investment fund for promising startups in security and data.

The initial fund features $100 million (€101 million) for investments in solutions that help companies solve important challenges. S-Ventures is looking for startups of all stages that can bring innovative technology to SentinelOne’s ecosystem and expand its Singularity XDR technology with new use cases.

Featured startups get access to SentinelOne experts. Prioritized solutions will be highlighted in the marketplace and integrated into the DataSet Platform.

First investments

During the announcement of the investment fund, SentinelOne disclosed the first companies to participate. Armorblox offers a disruptive API-based security platform for email. The platform uses machine learning and NLP functionality to detect and prevent sophisticated attacks via email.

Noetic Cyber develops a Continuous Cyber Asset Management & Controls Platform. The platform provides security teams with centralized visibility and insights into which actions should be prioritized. The insight extends across all enterprise network environments, from public clouds to on-premises datacenters.

Torq accelerates complex threat response workflows through a no-code-based automation platform. Finally, Laminar offers a cloud-based security platform for monitoring, protecting and securing sensitive data across cloud environments.

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