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Researchers from Enable U indicate that a lack of standards, uniform policies and security awareness among employees threaten the API security of IT environments. There’s plenty of room for improvement, the organization concluded in a recent research report.

APIs are the building blocks that enable integrations. The technology is indispensable for modern-day IT environments. Their importance means that security must be in order, especially now that integrations and migrations are increasingly targeted by cybercriminals.

In a recent research report, Enable U indicates that companies are increasingly investing in API security and management is on the rise. More and more firms opt for API Gateways to filter digital threats, securely unlock data and prevent ransomware attacks.

Nevertheless, the researchers emphasize that the API security of a given organization is far from perfect. Companies hardly enforce standards and uniform policies for APIs. Security awareness among employees is lacking while the number of applications grows.

Room for improvement

The researchers find the latter worrying, especially in relation to the increase in data, integrations and associated risks. Small mistakes can have major consequences, even when companies properly design and standardize the security of their systems.

The researchers conclude that there’s work to be done in the area of APIs and security. “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”, Enable U CMO Niels Beckers warned. “You want to make sure that you’re not the weakest link.”

Tip: APIs are indispensable, but also pose a security risk