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BlackBerry recently announced Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), a managed service that provides customers with threat intelligence to prevent, detect and combat security threats.

The managed threat intelligence service gives companies greater insight into targeted attacks on their enterprise environments. Among other things, customers get an overview of exactly who is attacking them and whether these attacks are part of known campaigns. In addition, the service produces overviews of threats for specific industries, regions and countries.

Right decisions at the right time

According to BlackBerry, threat intelligence helps companies save time and capacity, make the right decisions at the right time and meet security goals.

With the information, internal security professionals are able to detect, prioritize and ultimately investigate threats. Integrating threat intelligence with companies’ existing security ecosystems provides a strong first line of defence against cyberthreats.

BlackBerry CTI will become available this December. Companies can purchase the solution through a quarterly subscription. The service’s pricing has not yet been announced.

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