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KnowBe4 launches real-time coaching to counter risky behaviour

KnowBe4 launches real-time coaching to counter risky behaviour

KnowBe4 introduced SecurityCoach. The service provides employees with real-time advice on reducing security risks. SecurityCoach should reduce the number of incidents caused by human error.

Security incidents are often caused by human error. Phishing wouldn’t be popular if it weren’t successful. KnowBe4 wants to prevent incidents by providing automated real-time employee coaching. SecurityCoach aims to minimize risks and expand employee knowledge of cybersecurity.

The solution is based on human detection and response (HDR). The technology identifies and responds to thousands of detected events, such as risky employee actions within a company’s security infrastructure. The solution natively integrates with KnowBe4’s security-awareness platform.



The solution allows a SecurityTip (a form of alert) to be sent to employees via Microsoft Teams, Slack or email based on their behaviour and actions. The tip coaches the employee in improving his or her security posture. In this way, both the cybersecurity and awareness of companies should improve.

Administrators can configure built-in detection rules to decide how and when a SecurityTip should be sent. Rule-based automation capabilities improve efficiency where possible. Additionally, the solution monitors an environment to generate detailed reports while mapping user behaviour.