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Fortinet is making the FortiGate Cloud-Native Firewall available in the AWS Marketplace. This is a managed next-gen firewall for enterprise organizations, tailored for AWS environments.

FortiGate Cloud-Native Firewall, or FortiGate CNF for short, was unveiled around re:Invent, AWS’ annual conference. The firewall features Security Services for real-time detection of malicious external and internal threats. There are also mechanisms for protections against such threats. For a consistent network security experience between AWS and on premises environments, it uses operating system FortiOS.

According to Fortinet, FortiGate CNF is beneficial for deploying security policies to protect mission-critical applications and data. Protection should also reach a higher level through URL filtering, IPS and application control.


Among the benefits of FortiGate CNF, Fortinet points out region-wide network protection. With this, the vendor wants to make security for cloud networks, availability zones and virtual private clouds (VPCs) in a cloud region simple. Support for AWS should help control cloud security costs. Using AWS Graviton instances should deliver better price-performance than other products.

Fortinet also praises the user interface. It says this minimizes the security expertise required. For example, the way security policies are defined and deployed is said to be simple. That includes dynamic metadata-based policies on AWS.

Additionally, there is support for AWS Gateway Load Balancer, which helps automate and secure Amazon VPC environments. Support for AWS Firewall Manager simplifies security management and automates security deployment.

The FortiGate CNF falls under the Security Fabric platform. This allows Fortinet to provide a single pane of glass, through FortiManager. It leads to centralized policy management, enhanced visibility and automated policy enforcement on AWS and other environments.

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