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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is making its business GenAI tool Amazon Q generally available, though only in the U.S. for now. Through this secure private GenAI tool, business users will gain better access to internal business data. This ultimately allows them to work more creatively, data-driven, efficiently, prepared, and productively, Amazon claims. The tool comes in two variants: Amazon Q Business for business applications and Amazon Q Developer for developers.

The tech giant’s GenAI tool Amazon Q Business gives employees answers to questions about business rules, product information, results, application code, employees and other relevant business data, among other things, based on their own company data. The tool connects to various corporate data environments where this specific data is stored.

The tool then retrieves the requested data, summarizes it logically, analyzes trends, and even engages in a dialogue with employees about the data in question.

Diagram dat de bedrijfsstructuur van Amazon Q toont met native integraties, documentbeheer, beheerders- en eindgebruikersinterfaces en pictogrammen voor cloudservices.

Connectors and Amazon Quicksight

To achieve this, the GenAI tool now has 40 different connectors to retrieve data from various business data environments. These include environments or applications such as those of AWS itself, but also Microsoft 365, Google applications, Box, Jira, Oracle, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Zendesk, and other business data providers.

Through a link to the BI solution Amazon Quicksight, employees can quickly create specific business intelligence dashboards and visualizations and perform complex calculations using the GenAI tool.

Easily and quickly create GenAI applications

Amazon Q Business additionally has a built-in feature in preview that focuses specifically on (app) development. The integrated Amazon Q Apps provide a low-code/no-code platform that allows employees to easily and quickly create their own GenAI applications based on business data. This is done by describing the app in plain language or through an existing conversation letting Amazon Q help them build it and generate it directly.

Schermafbeelding van de "amazon q apps"-interface, met de nadruk op functies voor het genereren van ai-productiviteitsapps met de nadruk op maatwerk bij het maken van documenten en het verbeteren van tekstinhoud.

Developer variant

In addition to Amazon Q Business, Amazon Q Developer is now generally available. This is also a GenAI tool that uses normal language and conversations to help developers perform their tasks. This version lets developers build applications more easily and quickly on the AWS platform, helps investigate best practices, solves -or prevents- (code) problems, and addresses other development errors.

Schermafbeelding van een Amazon Web Services (aws)-beheerconsole met interfaces voor het wijzigen van de Amazon Lambda-functieregio.

Free version as well as paid solutions

Amazon Q Business is only available in the U.S. for now. The GenAI tool comes in two versions: a Business Lite version with only basic functionality for $3/month/user and the Business Pro version for $20/month/user. The latter version gives access to Amazon Q Apps, the Amazon Q functionality for QuickSight, in addition to the basic functionality.

The Amazon Q Developer variant is available in a Free Tier and a paid Amazon Q Developer Pro Tier version for $19 per month/user.

Amazon Q was Amazon’s answer late last year to the flood of AI chatbots now available on the market. At such a late stage, getting potential customers interested in the product is only possible by standing out, so Amazon decided to focus on business applications.

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