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Cloudflare made its One suite of zero-trust security tools available for free to public organizations such as non-profits, election websites and political campaigners.

The tools give teams the same zero-trust protection as large corporations. Eligible companies often don’t have the money or knowledge typically required to use zero-trust tools.

Public organizations can use Cloudflare’s One suite to automatically protect against phishing attacks. Among other things, the tools block malicious emails before they reach employee inboxes.

In the unlikely event that a malicious URL does slip through, Cloudflare’s Browser Isolation and DNS filtering ensure that the request is stopped before malicious files can be downloaded.

Cloudflare One

In addition, Cloudflare One gives organizations access to remote working tools that connect all employees, applications, partners and volunteers. The tools allow admins to configure which individuals can access certain applications and resources. All access attempts are logged in the process.

Furthermore, Cloudflare One provides encrypted and secure access to the internet while ensuring that sensitive data does not leave the network perimeter of an organization. The service blocks malicious destinations, scans for malware and stops damaging downloads.

Cloudflare One is available for free to public organizations that meet the conditions listed on Cloudflare’s website. Public organizations that don’t meet the conditions can freely use the tools for up to 50 users.

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