Atos buys French sustainability consulting firm EcoAct

Atos buys French sustainability consulting firm EcoAct

Atos has acquired EcoAct, a consultancy firm founded in 2005, specializing in the production of sustainable and renewable energy. The company has a team of 150 employees spread across its offices in France (Paris headquarters), the UK, Turkey, Kenya, Spain, and the US.

EcoAct’s mission is to help clients achieve a low-carbon economy by providing them with the necessary carbon reduction strategies. It helps governments and corporations to reduce their CO2 footprint by advising them on how to promote forest conservation, use renewable resources, and practice sustainable agriculture.

Fighting climate change, one acquisition at a time

Atos is a French IT services giant with 110,000 employees and a large technology and consulting group. Thierry Fornas and Gerald Maradan, the EcoAct co-founders, said that the integration would enable their company to benefit from the technological knowledge and comprehensive global coverage provided by Atos.

They also described how the collaboration would contribute to each of their technological and digital knowledge in guiding low-carbon oriented organizations on their journey to net-zero operation. A new strategy for decarbonization will be made available for business leaders to use and find solutions to the issues caused by climate change.

“The joining of forces creates an opportunity to combine digital and technological expertise with deep climate change knowledge, offering organisations the opportunity to accelerate their journey to net zero. The complementary nature of EcoAct and Atos creates a new market leading approach for decarbonisation, helping business leaders tackle the climate challenges they face to deliver valuable transformational change” 

As for Atos, their portfolio in sustainability consulting offering gets a big boost. This will significantly help the company to better serve its clients while providing more reliable solutions to climate change challenges worldwide.

A growing portfolio

Elie Girard, the CEO at Atos, said that; “Combining the leading position of EcoAct in climate consultancy and offset project development with our decarbonisation portfolio of solutions and services and our go-to-market will step-change our customers’ journeys to net zero.”

A Decarbonization Excellence Centre in Paris, France, will be launched to beef up the integration.