Atos helps enterprises improve virtual infrastructure proficiency

Atos helps enterprises improve virtual infrastructure proficiency

Atos is introducing a range of new consulting services, named the Atos Virtual Infrastructure Proficiency (VIP) Advisory services, to help companies improve their virtual infrastructure. The services help control the existing virtual infrastructure and develop a roadmap for its future.

Despite the tough times the French tech group is going through, Atos remains active in offering its many (consulting) services. The new consultancy services should help customers gain more insight into their (existing) virtual infrastructure environments and future-proof them.

More specifically, these services help companies optimize the cost of virtual infrastructure environments and make them more secure. In addition, the service ensures that companies move to new technology and helps them achieve the sustainability goals they set.

By analyzing existing virtual infrastructure environments, Atos’ consultants say they ensure that customers can identify the possible pathways for large-scale migration and modernization of their IT environments and select the right vendors.

Insight into total costs

Within the Atos Virtual Infrastructure Proficiency (VIP) Advisory services, the consultants take a very thorough approach. For their advice, they analyze the IT infrastructure, business needs, and objectives, among other things. In the latter case, think about availability, CO2 emissions, and resilience.

In their diagnosis, the consultants provide customized solutions for setting up a new (virtual) IT infrastructure, plans for implementation, and the final cost of these plans.

These recommendations and proposed solutions should ultimately make it easier and less complex for customers to manage their virtual IT infrastructures. Existing resources can, therefore, be reallocated to other business activities, providing more value and directly impacting cost optimization.

Available in the Benelux

The Atos Virtual Infrastructure Proficiency (VIP) Advisory services are available in Central Europe, the Benelux region, France, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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