KPMG invests massively in enterprise digitalization,

KPMG invests massively in enterprise digitalization,

KPMG has developed a new suite for the existing tools available with its products. The audit tycoon has initiated a new project on the digital transformation journey to assist CEOs through a next-generation suite of digital products.

There are new challenges in the digital transformation that KPMG is committed to solving through their all-new KPMG product branding program. It includes state-of-the-art digital applications and tools.

The 2021 CEO outlook report of KPMG showed that 34% (a third) of CEOs in the UK view digital transformation as a high priority operation at least for three years.

Revealed products   

KPMG has revealed three products until now, and more are yet to come in the upcoming years of the project.

·         Strategic workforce planning solution

This product helps NHS Trusts to measure their workforce capacity.

·         Dash

The design of this pre-configured analytic platform is to provide in-depth specific insights on pricing, portfolio, performance and range.

·         ESG IQ

It is a valuable tool that benefits financial organizations in understanding ESG (environmental, social and governance). This allows organizations to measure and improve their EGS risk measurement and analysis performance.

The objective behind enterprise digital transformation

Jon Holt, CEO of KPMG UK, said that businesses are making significant changes to their strategies and operations to prepare themselves against the geopolitical and economic backdrop. He further said that their technologist would commit to understanding and analyzing the data they have access to make informed decisions to safeguard and increase future growth.

KPMG has a £300M investment plan for developing and innovating new products and technologies. This plan comes under the umbrella of their five-year investment plan of £5B to provide funding to improve their current products.