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The large amounts of data that companies have at their disposal offer enormous opportunities. Now that we have entered the ‘data age’, it is possible to optimise business processes much better with data. It also makes it easier to identify market opportunities. Therefore, getting your data strategy right is perhaps more important than ever. To achieve this, you should take several trends into account.

For years, people have been talking about technological changes that will determine our future. It could be five to ten years before these disruptive technologies are truly part of everyday life. However, the 2020 corona pandemic has shown that emerging technologies can be implemented very quickly, even in a matter of weeks or months.

For many organisations, accelerated transformation meant relying more on the cloud. Cloud-based infrastructure and SaaS applications are able to support working from home well. And organisations that were already well advanced in cloud adoption opted to deploy more automation and machine learning.

With trends being embraced at an accelerated pace, it is important to be prepared for technological developments in the coming months. In a white paper by Splunk, which you can download below, you will discover which technologies will play an important role in 2021.