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Hyperautomation is changing business: what are the benefits?

Hyperautomation is changing business: what are the benefits?

The COVID-19 pandemic set the spark for the next phase of the enterprise software revolution. Businesses realised that change was a matter of survival. Every corporate relationship depended on an agile response to the crisis: customers and regulators demanded new behaviors, while employees needed assurances of safety.

Businesses are looking for ways to change their processes and applications. Automation is important, as it brings human and digital workers together in the same workflow. Digital workers like Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation are powerful enough to collaborate with people on real tasks. The ability to rapidly speed up change is of utmost importance.

Hyperautomation is automation at speed. It’s a combination between technologies that allow faster application development (like low-code and no-code) and automation technologies that coordinate different worker
types. Both are essential in the new decade. Businesses will want to deploy workers more efficiently, and they will want to invent new work patterns faster.

Tomorrow’s enterprise will need agility, unification, speed, and collaboration. In a word, it will need hyperautomation. By filling in the form below, you can download an ebook about the benefits of hyperautomation.