Collaboration is key to be successful in business. If you want to grow your business the whole team has to find a way to work together. In the past you got stuck in meeting room after meeting room. Nowadays there a many digital tools to help you collaborate.

There are different ways you can let people work together. The most common thing is to digitalize the meeting room. There are many videoconferencing systems which let you setup a virtual meeting, with audio or with audio and video. Most well known is probably Cisco WebEx, but new players like Zoom are also very popular.

Unified Communications

The next step after videoconferencing is unified communications. You can collaborate on more different ways than audio and video. For example by sending text messages to each other. Tools like Microsoft Teams, Cisco Teams, Slack, Yammer are all good examples of tools that can help people work better together.


Besides unified communications there are a lot of platforms that come close to offering a way to collaborate. Task managers for multiple users like Asana, or tools in which coworkers can work together in realtime on the same document or presentation. There are many tools that can increase productivity and collaboration, you just have to find the right one for your business.

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