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ProcessMaker is hosting a free online webinar to demonstrate how companies can extract data from PDFs, forms, images and other documents with intelligent document processing technology.

The free online webinar offers an introduction to intelligent document processing (IDP). The technology allows organizations to find relevant information in massive amounts of structured and unstructured documents.

After specifying the data you’re looking for and providing the documents to be analysed, the technology retrieves the specified data, which can be anything from addresses and invoice numbers to dates and signatures. Documents don’t have to be structured. Handwritten forms are just as compatible as electronic invoices.

The hour-long webinar takes place on November 3 at 11 AM EDT. The session is hosted by ProcessMaker, a developer of IDP technology. Anyone interested is welcome to attend by registering through this form.

Intelligent document processing

IDP technology is gaining ground worldwide. Any organization that processes documents can save time by automating data extraction. Earlier this year, ProcessMaker acquired Doculayer, a Netherlands-based IDP developer. Doculayer’s technology was incorporated into ‘ProcessMaker IDP’, a new product with the same basis.

The strength of ProcessMaker IDP is artificial intelligence. The solution is trained with massive amounts of data to understand how people write and compose documents. As a result, the solution can glance over a document and determine its category: invoice, personal letter, insurance form, and so on. From there, the solution is able to extract requested data at scale.

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