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DiskStation Manager (DSM) is Synology’s renowned operating system for network-attached storage (NAS) devices. The release of DSM 7.2 brings forth a range of new features and enhancements, further solidifying its position as a robust and secure data management solution. With an emphasis on data resiliency, protection, performance, and efficiency, DSM 7.2 offers several novelties that empower users to create a true data fortress. Let’s explore some of the key advancements in this latest version.

Immutable Storage and Backup

DSM 7.2 introduces WriteOnce shared folders, enabling the technical enforcement of data retention policies. These folders are locked down against modification or deletion, providing enhanced data resiliency. Users can protect folders for a defined period or disable changes permanently, making it ideal for compliance-driven environments. Additionally, the new Immutable Snapshots in Snapshot Replication offer immutable copies of data, effectively safeguarding against compromised administrator credentials and combatting ransomware threats.

Full Volume Encryption

With Full Volume Encryption, DSM 7.2 enables users to encrypt entire volumes, including Shared Folders, LUNs (Logical Unit Numbers), and package data. This advanced encryption feature enhances security and convenience while protecting against physical theft of the system and drives. Notably, Full Volume Encryption offers faster performance compared to Shared Folder Encryption, securing data without compromising speed.

Performance and Efficiency

DSM 7.2 introduces various enhancements to boost performance and efficiency. M.2 NVMe storage volumes are now supported on more systems, allowing users to speed up larger volumes with SSD cache or create nimble all-flash storage volumes. Moreover, the support for block-level full-system backups in Hyper Backup significantly accelerates the process of backing up large quantities of data. Inline zero-block removal improves deduplication by reducing post-process dedupe times and minimizing writes to SSDs, resulting in enhanced performance and reduced storage requirements.

Stricter Access Controls

DSM 7.2 focuses on reinforcing access controls to protect against unauthorized access and potential attacks. Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (AMFA) ensures confirmation when DSM admin accounts are accessed from untrusted external connections, demanding additional security measures beyond passwords. The expanded Auto Block feature now covers SMB connections, significantly reducing the likelihood of brute-force attacks.

Transparent Management

DSM 7.2 introduces enhancements for more effective and convenient management. Customizable notification rules allow administrators to configure delivery channels and recipients per rule, ensuring critical messages reach the right individuals or teams promptly. Integration with Microsoft Teams and LINE enables direct delivery of DSM notifications to specific channels or groups, facilitating seamless collaboration and incident response.

DSM 7.2 brings several additional improvements. The Container Manager (formerly Docker) offers a refined user experience, allowing easy management of multi-container applications through the UI, including Docker Compose integration. Synology Photos now supports WebP and motion photos, enhancing the user experience for albums. The Hybrid Share feature introduces global file locking to prevent conflicts across connected Synology systems, while prioritizing file syncing to C2 Storage when requested at other sites. Furthermore, more detailed logging aids administration, facilitating better system monitoring and troubleshooting.


Synology’s DiskStation Manager 7.2 (DSM 7.2) elevates the capabilities of their NAS devices, transforming them into true data fortresses. With features like immutable storage and backup, full volume encryption, stricter access controls, and performance enhancements, DSM 7.2 ensures data resiliency, protection, and efficiency. Users can confidently safeguard their valuable data, combat ransomware threats, and streamline their data management processes. Synology continues to push the boundaries of data storage and management with DSM 7.2, providing a comprehensive solution for organizations and individuals alike.