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PagerDuty AIOps make monitoring more manageable

PagerDuty AIOps make monitoring more manageable

PagerDuty is using artificial intelligence to solve IT problems more quickly. With AIOps, the company is launching a toolkit to make incidents more manageable by highlighting important data. This should eliminate almost all noise.

PagerDuty cites its own research showing that with the early access version, customers have to sift through 87 percent less useless information (“noise”). IT professionals can see an extraordinary amount of data when monitoring applications and infrastructure. This can be so abundant that a problem is detected late or it is not clear what caused it.


PagerDuty’s solution works through a so-called “Global Event Orchestration” engine. The system can make connections between data points and pinpoint where an abnormality occurs. By identifying incidents quickly, AIOps can even “self-heal” and prevent the need for an individual to solve a problem at all.

For more complex problems where automation fails to resolve, AIOps can come up with historical examples of incident resolutions. Thus, AI can be helpful on multiple levels. The new toolkit is already compatible with PagerDuty’s existing offerings.

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