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Customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) are top priorities for organizations. This is because organizations see a strong link between CX, EX and their net profits. Interestingly, organizations believe that cloud-based technologies will significantly impact these top priorities, not AI.

More than 90 percent of organizations see improved employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX) directly benefiting their net profits. That’s according to NTT’s 2023 Global Customer Experience report. Consequently, CX remains the top priority for organizations. EX worked its way up and is now in the top three priorities.

The survey provides an insight into the overall numbers. A total of 1,442 individuals at C-suite level participated in the survey. 513 respondents were from the EU, including 63 from the Netherlands.

Impact of cloud technology

Interestingly, organizations do not believe AI is the most important factor in future CX capabilities. They assess that cloud technology will have a greater influence.

Recently introduced solutions focus almost exclusively on generative AI. Artificial intelligence is then presented as a solution to take customer experiences to the next level. The survey shows organizations do not see AI but cloud technology as the holy grail. Moreover, more than two-thirds of organizations do not see AI as a possible replacement for their customer service.

Business strategy lost

CX and EX strategies appear to be pursuing different objectives from business strategy most of the time. Only 26 percent of Dutch organizations say their CX strategy is fully aligned with their business strategy, and 35 percent report full alignment for their EX strategy.

In the world the outcomes are different: 60 percent of organisations say their CX strategy is aligned with their business strategy, and 44 percent tell the same for their EX strategy.