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HubSpot recently acquired B2B data provider Clearbit. Clearbit’s integration of intelligent tooling and business data should provide HubSpot CRM platform customers with more data and better insights.

No financial details were disclosed regarding the Clearbit acquisition. About the purpose of the acquisition, it is known that it should provide HubSpot CRM platform customers with even more capabilities.

According to HubSpot CEO Yamini Rangan, in recent years, it has become easier for his company to collect business data and put it into the HubSpot platform. However, there are still some challenges, such as analyzing and using this data.

With Clearbit’s technology and data, this should become a lot easier. With this, HubSpot users will soon be able to enrich their internal customer data with more real-time external context. This should ultimately provide better insights that they can put to work immediately.

Data enrichment tool

Clearbit was originally a tool that allowed users to search company email addresses and employee information. In the latter case, think of names, job titles and other details such as social media accounts.

Over time, this functionality expanded to include a complete suite of tools for sales, marketing and operations teams. This included integrations with CRM tools such as those from HubSpot as well as Salesforce. Clearbit also provided technology for enriching leads, contacts and accounts with self collected and external (public) data.

Een dashboard met veel informatie erop.

More recently, the B2B data specialist has been applying LLM models for converting unstructured data into standardized datasets for B2B teams.

Integration roadmap

The acquisition needs a few more months to finalize. Clearbit’s tooling will remain available as a standalone version for now but will be integrated into the HubSpot platform in the future.

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