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HubSpot deploys generative AI to provide sales insights

HubSpot deploys generative AI to provide sales insights

HubSpot is adding new generative AI functionality to its CRM platform. The feature utilizes predictive analytics features. This should make it easier for users to gain insights into current sales and predict sales.

Generative AI features are being added to many platforms, meaning HubSpot cannot be left behind. With the introduction of HubSpot AI, the platform will soon have functionality that should increase sales and improve customer relationships.

A key component will be the AI Assistants. These tools help across the CRM platform with content creation, image creation, blog post idea generation, website building and report creation.

In particular, the new AI Agents should help SMBs automate their customer service. These include answering customer questions and improving customer service via live chat and email. The first Agents for the HubSpot platform will be available early next year.

Other features within HubSpot AI

In addition, AI Insight makes its debut, which should improve recommendations and predictions. Furthermore, the CRM platform also introduces the generative AI conversation tool ChatSpot. This tool bundles ChatGPT with many customer data sources, such as their HubSpot Smart CRM environment, for many applications. The tool has been around since March this year and now has 80,000 users who enter 20,000 prompts weekly.

Other new functionality

In addition to the generative AI technology, HubSpot has added other enhancements to its platform. For example, the sales automation platform Sales Hub has gained new functionality.

The arrival of AI Forecasting, still in a private beta, should give sales staff more ability to predict future sales. This is based on predictive AI and historical sales data.

Most of the new functionality is currently in a testing phase and should become available in early 2024.

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