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ServiceNow provides Now Assist with more GenAI features

ServiceNow provides Now Assist with more GenAI features

ServiceNow has announced that it has expanded the GenAI functionalities of Now Assist. As of today, Now Assist is also available in Virtual Agent, Flow generation and Field Service Management (FSM). This allows customers to take advantage of GenAI features within these solutions.

ServiceNow has integrated Now Assist into the platform’s core so that the AI layer can work well with the platform and its data. ServiceNow will add Now Assist to existing solutions one by one so that customers can work more efficiently and increase productivity.

Gartner expects the total market for AI solutions to grow to $3 trillion between now and 2027, 36% of which will go to GenAI solutions. This clearly shows that organizations genuinely believe in a future with GenAI.

With Now Assist, customers will have a chat assistant to delegate tasks. Customers can do this by providing prompts or questions to the chatbot. Depending on the solution and context, Now Assist then gets to work.

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Now Assist in Virtual Agent

Now Assist in Virtual Agent helps organizations conduct advanced GenAI chat experiences with enhanced guided configuration capabilities. ServiceNow customers can deploy this feature in about 15 minutes. Customers and employees can now solve problems faster, as questions reach the right employee faster. GenAI-driven chats can instantly pull the most relevant information or actions from the customer’s knowledge base and service catalog.

Handling service requests and asking for additional information is also incorporated into Virtual Agent. This allows customers to have faster and more efficient conversations with the agent.

Flow Agent

Flow generation accelerates the development of workflows on the Now Platform. It supports administrators and developers in generating blue-prints for workflows so they can develop faster and at larger scale. It converts plain text into low-code workflows so developers no longer have to build flow automations from scratch. Once the initial workflow is created, developers can easily make continuous adjustments and refinements using the no-code design interface in App Engine.

Now Assist for FSM

Now Assist for FSM helps field service providers deliver a better, more proactive experience and increase productivity. The new solution uses GenAI to access all activity, parts and incident data to summarize work orders. For field service management, moving from location to location and depending on mobile devices is critical. By simplifying the work order process, Now Assist for FSM improves technician service, documentation, compliance and consistency.

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ServiceNow puts AI at the center of platform

According to ServiceNow, AI forms the basis of the Now Platform. Of course, the platform always had AI, but GenAI is definitely an addition. ServiceNow reveals that it is betting heavily on this new trend and working on new comprehensive and secure LLMs. In addition, it also supports third-party LLMs. This is just the beginning of what ServiceNow hopes to offer in terms of genAI in a few years from now.