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AWS announces its new service, PartyRock. The company presents the service as an opportunity to learn about generative AI in a casual environment.

PartyRock is a new service from AWS that gets to work on generative AI. It allows interested parties to learn about the technology as well as build their own apps without the need for programming knowledge. Building the application demonstrates the capabilities of AI, as the technology converts a description for an app into a result.

Users can then share the result. After that, individuals with the shared link can also contribute to the app and refine things or modify features.

Part of Amazon Bedrock

The new service is part of Amazon Bedrock. This tool was created in April of this year and gives developers access to multiple AI models. This allowed developers to get started building AI applications in their own applications. With PartyRock, it now offers these AI models to interested parties who have no knowledge of development.

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Available in Dutch

The service functions entirely in English, more languages are already supported. Currently, it is free to start with PartyRock and there is no need for an AWS account.