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Free ChatGPT version now also offers access to custom GPTs

Free ChatGPT version now also offers access to custom GPTs

Users of the free ChatGPT version now have access to several custom GPTs. These were previously only available to paying users.

With the implementation of access to GPTs for free ChatGPT users, OpenAI is implementing the announcements it made earlier this month when presenting GPT-4o. In addition to this access, users of the free version can now apply features such as analyzing graphs, asking questions about photos and other features

These features were previously reserved only for end users of the paid ChatGPT versions: ChatGPT Plus, Teams and Enterprise.

However, restrictions

Free access to GPTs does have limitations. Free ChatGPT users can only use others’ GPTs but cannot create and upload their own. This feature remains available only to paying users. The latter users have been able to participate in a revenue-sharing program since March, allowing them to earn some more from their GPTs.

In addition, free users’ use of GPT-4o remains limited to a few sessions. When these run out, ChatGPT automatically switches to the less advanced GPT-3.5 LLM with all its limitations.

Other modifications

Furthermore, OpenAI has also indicated that data analysis and chart creation have improved. For example, users can now use data from the online storage environments of Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive. The voice Sky Voice has been taken offline for all users because it would be too similar to the real voice of actress Scarlett Johansson.

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