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Automating tasks, simulating results and finding new audiences. Those are Adobe’s goals for the AI Assistant in its own Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) for marketers.

Since Thursday, the AEP AI Assistant has been generally available. Earlier, Adobe showed the operation of this tool during the Adobe Summit in March. The new assistant should provide increased productivity and a lower barrier to entry for beginners.

Tip: Adobe Experience Platform gets AI Assistant

Already in use with many customers

Adobe cites a sizable customer base for AEP. Coca-Cola, Marriott International, GM and Real Madrid, among others, use it to profile and reach their customers. With the AI tool, meaningful information from large amounts of data should be a lot more attainable than before, both for major enterprises as well as smaller AEP customers.

The AI assistant is nested among the existing AEP suite. That means the tool can provide insights for the Real-Time Customer Data Platform, Adobe Journey Optimizer and Customer Journey Analytics, among others. The types of questions AI Assistant can answer are diverse: everything from technical issues to general tips can be gleaned from the generative tool.

Specific purposes

To make AEP AI Assistant more concrete, Adobe highlights a number of use cases. For example, it helps marketers build product expertise, not requiring an SQL query to find out how often a segment is used in the dataset.

As with other GenAI solutions, the AI Assistant can also generate content. These include campaigns or visualizations for specific products, e-mail messages or Web pages, or images via Adobe Firefly. Automatically generated PDFs and Word documents would additionally make the most repetitive tasks significantly faster.

Going a step further are specific recommendations, something the AI Assistant once again helps marketers get out of the way. For example, the tool helps predict the impact of certain product changes and can recommend whether a product is a better fit for a targeted audience.

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