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Canva has introduced new tools for business users. The design tool is trying to tap into a new market with Canva Enterprise.

The just-introduced Canva tools target different business profiles, including HR, sales and design. The announcement is notable because the creative tool previously focused on consumers. Canva’s desire to expand into the business market means that Adobe will face tougher competition. Canva already strengthened its position against competitors earlier this year by purchasing the creative software suite Affinity.

Easy to use

Canva brings a design tool that anyone who knows how to use a computer can use. The company does not plan to change this strategy. “We are bringing exactly the same approach to business as we have done to the consumer market. A platform that is very easy to understand and use is critical,” CEO Melanie Perkins said during the announcement.

For the business market, the strategy translates into tools that, for example, get graphics in a click in the style of the company. Additionally, new templates will be available for newsletters and reports.

Canva Enterprise specifically targets companies with large teams of over 100 people. The Canva Teams solution is more suitable for SMBs.

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