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UiPath has started a marketplace for its artificial intelligence (AI) tools and services. In this way, enterprises must be helped to start business automation.

UiPath offers robotic process automation (RPA). This AI application uses software robots to observe workflows in common business applications, then find ways to automate repetitive tasks. In a background article we will discuss how this works.

RPA robots

UiPath itself creates software robots that monitor users’ individual keystrokes while using an application. On this basis, it recognises repetitive patterns and suggests ways to automate them. While it doesn’t seem like much to remove just a few keystrokes, it can save an enormous amount of time when applied to hundreds or thousands of users.

The new Go! marketplace is a one-stop shop for RPA tools. These include reusable components, machine learning models and training materials for building new software robots. “The Go platform is designed to enable everyone in the UiPath community to be more productive by accessing reusable components, highly rated skills and professional services, and products that accelerate the automation process,” said the company.

One of the RPA robots is George, who was deployed at NASA last year. At NASA, George was given the task of talking to information technology systems and conducting business processes. Another robot is Sunny, who was used in a bank in Florida to process complex transactions on various systems.


UiPath further announced that it would invest $20 million in two funds that it has established to accelerate the adoption of RPA. This is the UiPath Venture Innovation Fund, which invests in “AI-focused partners” in sectors such as machine learning, business process management and process mining. The other fund is the UiPath Partner Acceleration Fund, which is an accelerator for startups in related industries.

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