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SAS invests 1 billion dollars in development of AI

SAS invests 1 billion dollars in development of AI

Over the next three years, SAS will invest 1 billion dollars (880 million euros) in the development of artificial intelligence (AI). It does this through software innovation, education, offering expert services and more. In this way, SAS builds on the basis that it already has in AI, including advanced analytics, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision.

Education programs and expert services ensure that executives and data scientists are prepared for the future of AI, with the technology, skills and support they need to transform their organizations. Jim Goodnight, the CEO of SAS, states that this investment is proof of his company’s continued commitment to customers.

Three main areas

The $1 billion investment in AI focuses on three main areas: Research and development (R&D) innovations where SAS continues to build on its global AI efforts; educational initiatives that focus on customer needs to better understand and benefit from AI; and expert services to optimize the return on AI projects for the customer.

By linking all these investments, SAS prepares its customers for what it calls an AI revolution. This makes it easier for companies to prepare themselves for various applications. AI is also reflected in the company’s new headquarters.

Investing in R&D

The first area in which the company invests is R&D, in which it invests in core areas of AI, with a special focus on simplifying the benefits for users with different skill levels. Think of business users, but also data analysts and data scientists.

SAS integrates AI capabilities in the SAS platform and in solutions for data management, customer intelligence, fraud and security intelligence and risk management, as well as applications for sectors such as financial services, government, healthcare, manufacturing and retail. The company also continues to work with several other companies such as Accenture, Cisco and Intel to provide customers with new developments and applications in the field of AI and machine learning.

Developments in education

SAS also invests in the AI Accelerator Programme, with which it wants to help organisations and professionals to be prepared for AI at a desired level. To this end, the company provides tailor-made curricula to help organisations improve their AI skills.

There are also certification programs that help analytics professionals and data scientists to obtain the certificate of SAS Certified Professional in AI and Machine Learning. Finally, there is a SAS Analytics Center of Excellence, in which data sciences and AI implementations are linked.

AI analytics

SAS also announces about the Global Education Center, which is located in the new SAS headquarters. It uses new innovations in the field of AI and machine learning to link performance to business results. The new building is equipped with thousands of IoT connected sensors – embedded in coolers, boilers and air fans – that monitor water and energy consumption.

Through neural networks using SAS Event Stream Processing, the performance of sensors and systems can be monitored in real time to improve maintenance forecasts and optimise energy and water consumption. Almost half of the power supply of the new building is provided by the adjacent SAS Solar Farm, which underlines SAS’ commitment to sustainability.

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