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Automation Anywhere acquires Klevops

Automation Anywhere acquires Klevops

Automation Anywhere’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) techniques will be improved with the acquisition of the French robotics company Klevops. This acquisition means that Attended Automation 2.0 can be offered, according to the company in a press release.

According to the company, Attended Automation 2.0 makes it easier for users to oversee the tasks of both employees and bots. This improved form of attended automation more or less means that work processes can be managed and controlled for whole groups of employees, rather than just for individual employees.

The new version is an improvement on the current concept, in which individual employees have a kind of question-and-answer conversation with bots (the virtual assistant model). With the virtual assistant model, it is not possible to coordinate this for more than one employee at a time. In summary, managers can therefore oversee a larger number of processes in which people and bots work together. The characteristic of unattended automation is that bots go through processes without any human interaction.

New way of working

According to Automation Anywhere-CTO Prince Kohli, the new technology is changing the way people work. Klevops’ acquired technology will change the dynamics between attended and unattended automation, making it a fundamental solution for companies that want to deploy their automation initiatives in all industries.

The CTO of Klevops, Nicolas Piau, believes that Automation Anywhere’s goals are in line with Klevops’ goal of optimizing human-machine interactions, thereby solving problems in the world of customer service.

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