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Google states that the use of artificial intelligence (AI) has entered a new era. Companies no longer only think about what the technology can do for their company, but also actually use it to strengthen their company.

Vice president of Al Andrew Moore calls that new era Deployed AI. That means that there is a vision for transforming your business, writes Silicon Angle.

Deployed AI is about having a clear goal of using artificial intelligence that can bring complete organizations together, streamline teams and engage shareholders. It is also about having a better understanding of the risks and benefits of the technology, as well as the costs of change.

Once it has started, success must be measurable with clear, objective metrics, according to Moore. “This stimulates a continuous cycle of refinement, allowing you to continuously optimise the results and strengthen the confidence of your users.


Moore cites an example of Google customer Unilever. Unilever has more than 400 consumer product brands and more than a billion customers worldwide. It uses Google’s AI services to develop more personal relationships with all those customers, Moore says.

By using a range of consumer insights, together with Google Cloud AI tools such as translation, visual analytics and natural language processing, Unilever is generating insights faster than ever and gaining a whole new understanding of what their customers care about.


For example, Unilever uses Google’s Cloud Vision API and Natural Language API to analyse the metrics of a toothpaste marketing campaign in South Asia. The campaign encouraged people to send pictures, and the Cloud Vision API was used to understand its content.

Natural Language API demonstrated public sentiment by analyzing social media responses related to the campaign.

Deployed API is what’s possible as technologies like machine learning mature and it’s why we think the shift from breakthroughs in AI to the application of AI is the most exciting chapter in its history, Moore says.

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