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Oracle announces new Cloud observability and management platform

Oracle announces new Cloud observability and management platform

Platform aims to help enterprises better manage increasingly diverse and distributed IT portfolios.

On Tuesday Oracle announced the release of their Observability and Management solution designed to deliver “visibility and insight cross cloud native and traditional technology.”

Clay Magouyrk, Oracle’s EVP of cloud infrastructure engineering, described the benefits of the new platform in a blog post. The platform is a set of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services. These services are designed to enable IT to manage applications from a business perspective, he writes.

A new suite of services to help customers overcome today’s challenges

“IT operations and DevOps practitioners are often unable to maintain high service levels across applications that span on-premises or in multiple clouds,” Magouyrk explains. “Furthermore, they lack the visibility to see all of their IT footprint, across all layers and all platforms. The insights they get might conflict across specialized tools, which have only partial coverage.”

Oracle can help companies address these challenges through several new services.

Making life better for IT and DevOps

“Oracle has deep domain expertise in operating the largest portfolio of SaaS and enterprise application environments,” said Magouyrk. “We are combining decades of experience with OCI to provide end-to-end visibility for all layers of the IT stack.”

Magouyrk summed up the mission of the new service and the benefits it brings. “We are eliminating the complexity and reducing the risks and costs associated with today’s multi-tool approach to make the overall management process highly intuitive and cost-effective.”

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