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Zammo.ai has created an umbrella platform for conversational AI. The platform makes it possible to control all kinds of voice assistants and chatbots without having to write code.

The platform offers integrations with a wide range of different conversational AI technologies, says Alex Farr, the CEO of Zammo. The no-code approach also means that no IT team needs to be on hand to make the system work. And because the platform integrates with multiple technologies, companies don’t have to pick a specific platform for conversational AI.

Multi-channel integration

The various services supported include voice assistants, interactive voice response (IVR) and several popular chatbot channels. The platform offers modules tailored to specific use cases and is further complemented by analytics capabilities.

Responding to smart home boom

With the service, Zammo is trying to respond to the increasing trend of using voice assistants, especially via smart home devices. According to a study by Juniper Research, this growth will continue in the coming years. Whereas payments via smart home devices amounted to 22 billion dollars (18 billion euros) in 2020, this will increase to 164 billion dollars (137 billion euros) by 2025. The use of smart assistants for eCommerce will also increase by 630 percent over the next five years, the research firm notes.

First of its kind

Zammo claims to be the first company to offer a solution that integrates conversational AI with IVR systems without the need for programming. With their service, Zammo wants to relieve the pressure on HR and reduce the need for training. It should also make both customers and agents happier, as with Zammo, customers can contact the company through any channel they wish, and agents are relieved of their workload.

“Voice-enabled communication is better for everyone. Not only is it more efficient for the business, but it also makes information more accessible, creating a more inclusive society,” said Far. “Until now, the problem has been how to get businesses there. Zammo makes conversational AI a reality for all organizations.”

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