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ServiceNow uses AI recommendations to help its users get a better return on their digital transformation investments.

IDC recently conducted a study and found that firms have spent more than $3 trillion on digital transformation initiatives over the last three years. However, of these, half of them have not been successful. As a result, there’s a ‘value gap’ as customers are experiencing projects that overlap and require expensive resources to maintain.

For instance, companies are now struggling to figure out how to manage their multiple customer communication channels because so many of them have been built in-house.

The value-add gap

ServiceNow Impact’s goal is to help provide personalized recommendations to make things easier for its customers. These can include advice, premium technical support, targeted training, and coaching. Their solution will be tailored to each company, industry, and need. This tailor-made approach will help companies bring in the full benefits of AI in the shortest possible time.

A personalized digital transformation

With ServiceNow Impact, individuals will observe a personalized digital transformation experience and can compare themselves to their competitors. Individuals can also track their progress in real-time and get content they need based on their personal preferences.

That means ServiceNow’s goal is to help companies find a more efficient, streamlined way of deploying technologies like AI, cloud services, mobile apps, etc. This will allow them to focus on innovation. As a result, leaders will be able to synchronize their business innovation strategies with business outcomes, maximizing their outputs.

ServiceNow is confident that AI can help save companies time, effort, and money. For example, Montana has successfully used AI to reverse their talent shortage problem, with impressive results so far.