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H2O introduces AI grandmaster-powered NLP to its organization

H2O introduces AI grandmaster-powered NLP to its organization

The latest product by H2O, Hydrogen Torch, can deliver web giants’ AI capabilities globally

Of the 1200 chess grandmasters globally, only 250 are AI. Grandmaster in chess and AI is an achievement that is only reserved for the best of the best, and when it comes to AI, this honor is given to the Kaggle’s progression system’s top-performing data scientists.

The AI cloud company H2O.ai employs around 10% of the AI grandmasters of the world, and this is itself a feat after being valued at 1.6 billion USD at 2021’s end. Recently the company announced Hydrogen Torch, a product aimed to introduce AI grand mastery for video, image, and NLP (natural language processing) to its enterprise.

Standing On The Shoulders Of The Greats

According to Sri Ambati, the founder and CEO of H2O, ‘driverless AI has been the engine of H2O economy over the past four years.’ When talking about his new product, Ambati added,

“It walks into the traditional space of web giants like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook, and uses some of their innovation, but challenges them by allowing customers to use deep learning more easily, both taking pre-built models and transforming them for local use.”

Hydrogen Torch takes Google’s TensorFlow and Facebook’s PyTorch and adds grandmaster expertise on them along with an integrated environment. All of it also includes the MLOps offering by H2O that feeds the machine learning and data pipelines heading to production.

Plus, when it comes to speed, Hydrogen Torch is backed by H2O’s in-memory processing, which plays a vital role in ensuring that it performs as required for video, image, and NLP processing use cases. It is also synergistic with another H2O portfolio’s product, the Document AI. This synergy enables the processing of incoming documents and combining NLP methods and images.

And Ambati has no time to stop with just Hydrogen Torch; during the launch, he also identified further areas for increasing H2O’s portfolio, with the goal of forging trust among digital communities.