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AWS added Fine-Grained Visual Embedding to QuickSight, a business intelligence service. The functionality allows visualizations to be integrated into web pages and applications more easily.

Amazon QuickSight is a cloud-based serverless business intelligence solution. AWS designs the solution to provide end users with insight into business data through ML-supported dashboards and data visualizations. Customers can view these dashboards through the service, as well as embed them in other applications and portals.

Fine-Grained Visual Embedding was recently added. The functionality helps users add visualizations to high-traffic websites and other applications. As a result, companies can present visualizations where they’re needed, regardless of server availability, software configurations or any other type of infrastructure management.

Two integration methods

The functionality integrates visualizations into user websites and applications with a single click or API call. Automatically generating an embedded URL is key to the process. The visuals scale automatically, independent of server adjustments and the traffic of a webpage or app.

For non-technical and advanced users

The method allows non-technical users to generate and insert embedded URLs into internal portals or public web pages. QuickSight APIs provide developers and other technical users with more flexibility. The technology includes secure data access from row-level security functionality.

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