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Celonis announced Process Sphere at its Celosphere conference. According to the company, the solution will reinvent process mining by moving from mining single processes to mining the entire business. Celonis speaks of an evolution from 2D to 3D.

Alexander Rinke, one of Celonis’ founders and CEOs, talked about the company’s new phase in a briefing prior to Celosphere. He indicates that in the beginning, process mining technology was primarily used to create MRI scans of business processes. This provided insight into how processes work and where their bottlenecks are. In recent years, there’s been a shift toward an execution management system, wherein actions are linked to the insights of process mining. Only by acting upon insights does process mining become truly valuable.

Introduction Process Sphere

Rinke sees Celonis entering a new phase with the introduction of Process Sphere. It introduces “powerful new capabilities that bring the full scope of all business factors into process analysis, diagnosis and recovery. Now customers can see both the process structures of the familiar Celonis MRI scan and all the interconnected process MRI elements. That gives the full business perspective for problems and opportunities”, Celonis said.

The process mining vendor says it’s connecting previously ‘unconnected’ factors and understanding the real relationships between business objects. To this end, Process Sphere comes with a new ‘object-centric model’ that allows users to navigate between processes more easily. This is based on ‘real-life objects and events’, as a business owner would normally understand them. Process Sphere also delivers new filtering options and parallel behaviour detection capabilities for discovering hidden inefficiencies.

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Execution Management for all users

Another way in which Celonis wants to take process mining into a new phase is Business Miner. This is the “first intelligent process research technology and collaboration workspace,” according to the organization. “Celonis Business Miner enables any business user to research enterprise ERP, SCM and CRM systems for hidden process opportunities, and then deploy the right team, resources and actions to the initiative. Before Business Miner, process exploration required deep technical expertise. Now, any business user can be involved in finding process optimization opportunities.”

The company says Business Miner offers intuitive question-and-answer exploration to deliver quick and consumable insights. Celonis cites financial employees as an example. These employees can get answers to simple questions like ‘what’s my early payment rate?’ Business Miner produces the answers to explore the process area. Once the insights and opportunities are identified, Business Miner can serve as a communication and collaboration workspace. That way, the right team can be engaged and collaborate on optimizations.

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