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To kick off its World Tour, Celonis announced new features for its Execution Management System (EMS). The updates mainly focus on the handling of data and actions.

In recent years, Celonis has been increasingly focussed on growing from a process mining player to an execution management provider. Process mining is still used to detect inefficiencies in business processes, and to link an action to the inefficiency found. Execution management comes in from the moment an action is triggered. The idea is that process mining is only of real use if its insights are used to better systems.

Data and actions

With that in mind, the new features were released. An example is the new Data Integration user experience. This should make it easier for users to integrate data into the Celonis EMS. By guiding the process of data integration, Celonis hopes that companies will be able to quickly get started with the software.

In addition, Celonis improved the Process Data Engine. Celonis especially praises the integration of streaming data in EMS, something made possible by the acquisition of Lenses at the end of last year. Thanks to streaming data, companies can immediately adjust processes and executions. New features for the Process Data Engine focus on analyzing large and complex process datasets. According to Celonis, these datasets are analyzed up to 52 times faster than with SQL-based technology.

On the execution management side, Celonis is introducing new Action Flows. Action Flows help set up automatic actions in SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and ServiceNow without affecting the underlying systems.

Collaboration with Microsoft

During its World Tour, Celonis will also be explaining the new Experiences Microsoft Edition. This new functionality allows customers to integrate Microsoft Power BI to share process data more broadly. It should also speed up collaboration via Microsoft Teams and automation via Microsoft Power Automate

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