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Several YouTube users recently received a warning message about using ad-blockers. “Ad blockers are not allowed on YouTube,” it reads. However, YouTube states that this is an experiment that only a small number of users will encounter, but the move hints at a stricter policy in the future.

With the notification, users have two options: disable the ad-blocker service or try YouTube Premium.

Source: Reddit

Decline in revenue

Like other digital platforms, the video site is facing a decline in ad revenue. For that reason, it’s not surprising that YouTube has been looking at how many ads its users tolerate for some time. Of course, that further encourages ad-blocker use, which YouTube has not acted against up to this point.

The reason for turning on an ad-blocker is evident, according to online comments collected by The Register. “One ad before each video was fine, but they got greedy and started playing multiple unskippable 30-second ads, that’s when I went for ad block,” states one user.

That option has been around for some time. For example, many news sites set up a block if their visitors are using ad-blocker. In most cases, temporarily unblocking or allowing advertising on the website in question is the solution to this.

YouTube will try the test not only for that reason. As successful as YouTube Premium is, the platform will continuously seek more subscribers. With this service, users can avoid ads and generate revenue more directly for both YouTube itself and content creators.