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Mercedes to bring ChatGPT to its cars in the US

Mercedes to bring ChatGPT to its cars in the US

ChatGPT will soon find its home within the MBUX infotainment system. It is the latest proof that every company in the world seems to be getting on the generative AI bandwagon in some form or another.

Starting today, June 16, owners of Mercedes models featuring the MBUX system will have the option to join a beta program. This will grant them access to the functionality of ChatGPT. By simply saying, “Hey Mercedes, I wish to join the beta program,” one can unlock the capabilities of this versatile language model, augmenting the car’s conversational abilities.

A voice interface occasionally proves helpful, allowing drivers to focus on the road while carrying out essential tasks.

Mercedes hopes that ChatGPT’s versatility will prove valuable to drivers

With the ability to engage in open-ended conversations and generate information on various topics, the AI agent can assist with tasks such as summarizing content, synthesizing data, or even creating personalized content like wedding vows.

Mercedes assures customers that the voice assistant, powered by ChatGPT in collaboration with Microsoft AI, will accept voice commands and engage in meaningful conversations. Users can inquire about their destination, request recipe suggestions, or seek answers to complex questions while keeping their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road.

The implementation of ChatGPT is part of Mercedes’ ongoing efforts to refine its voice control capabilities and further develop its intuitive voice assistant.

Beta testing

Some may question the practicality of engaging in complex tasks like searching for nearby dining options while driving. However, Mercedes highlights scenarios where the AI assistant can provide added value.

For instance, when passengers are unavailable to assist with specific inquiries, the voice assistant could prove helpful in finding recommendations or navigating unfamiliar areas.

The voice command data collected during interactions with ChatGPT will be anonymized and stored in the Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Cloud. Still, if you feel concerned about privacy, they are not unfounded. The conversations will be stored and used to glean insights into user preferences.

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