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‘OpenAI considering marketplace for AI solutions’

‘OpenAI considering marketplace for AI solutions’

OpenAI wants to further expand its ecosystem around generative AI applications with a marketplace. In the process, customers will be able to sell their own AI tools and solutions to third parties.

This is what The Information reports based on sources. OpenAI customers can offer their own AI solutions based on the various LLMs to third parties in the marketplace. Think of AI solutions for the financial sector or retail. Meanwhile, parties are already said to want to market their solutions through the service based on ChatGPT, among others.

The possible arrival of its own marketplace for OpenAI is not entirely new. Previously, CEO Sam Altman had discussed the possibility at a recent event in London. It is unknown whether OpenAI also sees this marketplace as an excellent vehicle for generating additional revenue. For each solution offered through the marketplace, OpenAI could charge a commission.

Competition and advantage

With its own marketplace, OpenAI can compete with those of other large tech companies that have third-party OpenAI solutions available in their marketplaces. Think major investor Microsoft and Salesforce. In addition, having its own marketplace would also give OpenAI an edge over close competitors with their own LLM models such as Anthropic and Cohere.

OpenAI is refraining from any comment on the rumours, writes The Information.

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