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Synology backs up multiple devices simultaneously with BeeDrive

Synology backs up multiple devices simultaneously with BeeDrive

Synology has introduced the BeeDrive backup application. It allows users to back up multiple devices simultaneously.

Synology BeeDrive is a compact data hub that allows users to back up not only the files on their PC, but also – if desired – those on mobile devices simultaneously.

Through a Synology BeeDrive connected to a PC, users choose which folders they want to protect. The BeeDrive automatically backs up all changes to these folders instantly, providing better RPO than scheduled backups, according to Synology. In doing so, the backed-up files have the same format as on the PC in question.

At the same time, users can also back up files on mobile devices via the Wi-Fi network. This process is started with an easily scanned QR code.

With the BeeDrop function, users, wherever they are, can also send files directly to their BeeDrive wirelessly.

High-speed file transfer

According to Synology, BeeDrive users are not affected by broadband limits set by their Internet or cloud providers. This allows the application to quickly back up large files from PCs and mobile devices.

The Synology BeeDrive is now available in 1TB and 2TB versions for Windows, Android or iOS use. The 1 TB version has a suggested retail price of $119.95. The suggested retail price for the 2 TB model is 199.95 euros. Both do not include VAT.

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