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Synology DS224+ and DS124 NAS devices offer more than just storage

Synology DS224+ and DS124 NAS devices offer more than just storage

Synology has unveiled two new DiskStations: the DS224+ and DS124. The company describes these NAS devices as “comprehensive tools” for data protection and management.

We’ve highlighted before that a Synology NAS is a secure place for data storage. Now the Taiwanese company is unveiling two new products aimed at “professionals, small teams and edge deployments.” The underlying operating system DiskStation Manager is supposed to provide a “seemless user experience.”

Lots of backup capabilities and more

Both devices are capable of creating backups of all kinds of endpoints and in different ways. For example, a workstation, laptop and cell phone can be backed up automatically or manually. It is also possible to keep duplicate files in the cloud or folders, system settings, and software packages located on a Synology NAS.

Another possible application of these products is as a surveillance center. It supports more than 8,300 validated IP cameras and ONVIF devices.

The DS214 has a small desktop size, similar to a small form-factor (SFF) PC. According to Synology, it is a very efficient device. The company recommends this variant for “entrepeneurs, business owners and freelance creative professionals.”

The DS224+ is intended for somewhat broader applications: the company recommends it for small to medium-sized teams. It would be especially suitable as an edge-deployment solution.

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