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Synology releases storage systems UC3400 and SA3400D

Synology releases storage systems UC3400 and SA3400D

Synology has introduced two new dual-controller NAS and SAN applications, the UC3400 and SA3400D. The systems should offer businesses higher availability at a low cost.

The new storage application UC3400 is designed for virtualization purposes. The SAN application’s dual-controller-based architecture offers, among other things, high-availability block storage via iSCI and Fibre Channel functionality.

The architecture also offers failover, making the storage application of interest to companies that want a zero-downtime solution for their essential applications, systems and services.

Other features include self-encrypting files, remote snapshot replication, shared storage and a maximum capacity of up to 576 TB of storage data.

Synology SA3400D NAS and SAN

The Synology SA3400D NAS and SAN storage application also offers high availability, including failover. This dual-controller architecture-enabled application supports hybrid storage arrays, allowing businesses to easily combine the speed of SSDs with the efficiency of HDDs. This makes the application suitable for different workloads, Synology said.

Other software features of the application include Snapshot Replication, Hyper Backup, Active Backup Suite and support for Synology’s own DSM operating system.

The SA3400D NAS and SAN storage application can be used for collaboration between teams located in multiple locations. This using a suite of online productivity solutions from the manufacturer.

Both storage applications are available immediately through Synology partners and resellers.

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