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Taiwan-based Synology reports via a press release that it is coming out with Plus Series SATA HDDs. The company states that they are specifically designed to meet the “reliability, endurance and performance requirements of 24/7 storage in Synology’s entry-level and mainstream systems.”

The Plus naming indicates that this is a series of HDDs under the Enterprise series. It involves four new models, three of which differ only in capacity. The HAT3300-4T, HAT3300-6T and HAT3300-8T all run at 5,400 rpm and have a sequential data transfer rate of 202 MB/s. Slightly different specs apply to the HAT3300-12T model. The rotational speed here is 7,200 rpm and data transfer can be as high as 240 MB/s.

Reliable and compatible

Those familiar with NVMe SSDs will not be surprised by these speeds, but this is, after all, a NAS-focused product. MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) is said to be an impressive 1 million hours. Synology offers a three-year warranty.

The workload per year is 180 TB, something that Synology says makes the hard drives ideally suited for trouble-free support of multiple users simultaneously.

“Designed with Synology systems in mind, these drives are ideal for users who need reliable storage capacity, including the convenience of DSM firmware updates and one support desk for all system issues,” says Peggy Weng, Synology product manager.

Such compatibility with a Synology NAS is, of course, essential. After all, these drives are meant to generate more revenue for the purchase of a NAS, rather than also benefit competitors like Western Digital or Seagate.

Other pluses Synology singles out are “effortless firmware updates” thanks to Synology DiskStation Manager and support from the Synology support team in case of any problems.

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