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YouTube is taking its experiment to crack down on ad blockers one step further. If the video platform detects that you are using an ad-blocker, you can only watch three more videos without taking further action.

YouTube is testing stricter policies around ad-blockers for a small group of users worldwide. Those with an active ad blocker may therefore receive the warning that they can only watch three videos.

A Reddit user shared the warning that appeared online Wednesday. “It looks like you are using an ad-blocker. Video playback is blocked unless YouTube is on the permission list or ad-blockers are disabled,” the post states.

Expanding previous experiment

The video platform started the measurements against ad blockers in May. At that time, no concrete actions were taken against the tools but only made YouTube users aware that the use of ad blockers is prohibited.

For the video platform, ad blockers mean a drop in ad revenue. This revenue ensures that YouTube is accessible for free. YouTube also explains this in its warning, informing users that it is possible to use the platform legally without ads through YouTube Premium, the paid version of YouTube.